VariCAD 2015-1.0- Oct 20, 2014

More Information:

1. New Features in Assemblies, Sub-assemblies and Parts

Any changes made in any level of assembly – sub-assemblies – parts hierarchy are immediately and automatically transferred into related files. If you have open multiple files from one assembly tree, changes are safely transferred among them. From BOM or assembly-tree scheme, you can edit names and attributes at any level of assembly hierarchy.

Insertion of part-files or sub-assembly files gives you more options. By default, only sub-assembly or part is inserted, if a file contains other solids. Insertion of part or sub-assembly into another sub-assembly creates automatically next level of assembly hierarchy.

2. Assembly Tree Scheme

The scheme can be displayed optionally, as a new command. From assembly tree scheme, you can select objects (parts or sub-assemblies) the same way as from 3D space. If you switch from edit mode to attributes definition mode, it is possible to define names or attributes at any level of assembly tree.

The tree can be displayed either unfolded, or collapsed. Also, you can unfold or collapse individually selected sub-assemblies. Multiple occurrence of solids with the same name can be optionally displayed at one line, or each solid at extra line.

The tree displays legibly also missing names, mandatory attributes, identical copies or groups of solids with the same name.

3. Support of Two Monitors

If you have two monitors connected to your graphic adapter (card), VariCAD automatically recognizes them and offers to use them. Then, you can select whether the drawing window is at left or right monitor. At second monitor, you can display selected dialog panels like assembly tree scheme, solid Boolean tree scheme, BOM panel, attributes panel or panels with icons used during 3D transformations or constraints definitions. It is optional which panels is displayed at second monitor.

4. New Features in BOM

It is no longer necessary to define solid names in advance, if you want to work with BOM. Temporary names are assigned, if they are missing. New features in interface can display also missing mandatory attributes. Working with supplementary objects in BOM (like paint, glue or other items not present in 3D space as solids) is also revised and improved.

5. New Features in Working with Solid Attributes

Optionally, you can insert all attributes or selected attributes into an attribute clipboard. Then, you can copy these attributes to another solid. This feature is especially convenient for working with supplementary objects – you can copy such objects completely, among multiple open files.

6. New Interface Features for Selected Dialog Panels, Containing Tables

Some dialog panels, like assembly tree scheme, BOM panels or solid Boolean tree scheme automatically highlight 3D objects, when you move cursor over corresponding lines in the table. Some dialog panels display tool-tips with more detailed explanations, if cursor hovers above corresponding cell in the table. This is used, for instance, in assembly-tree scheme, in BOM panel – for symbols used for tree structure, in solid attribute panel for some icons, or in list of parameters. Appearance of tables with columns is improved, too.

7. 3D Commands

For unblank of solids (previously invisible solids are made visible), you can display all invisible solids temporarily in wire-frame mode. This allows you easy orientation among invisible solids, especially for large amount of invisible solids in assemblies.

For identical copies, you can add selected solids into an existing group of identical copies or create a new group of identical copies from selected solids. Then, one selected solid replaces the others. This feature is convenient in case you omitted identical copying previously.

8. Significantly Improved List of VariCAD Directories

Command “info” displays you a list of multiple directories used by VariCAD. You can open a file manager for any selected directory (folder), which allows you to make backups or copies of files manually. If you reinstall VariCAD, then you can move your environment easily, using this feature.

9. Minor Changes in 3D Kernel and 3D STEP Input or Output

These changes mostly solve some missing capabilities.