VariCAD 2015-2.06- August 2015

This version contains: 

Release notes:

During start, VariCAD automatically detects availability of OpenGL 4.3. If not supported, system works with OpenGL 4.0. If still not supported, then VariCAD returns to old OpenGL 1.1. In such case, some new features may not be available.

OpenGL 4.0 is available since year 2010.  However, some older graphic adapters may not support even this version of OpenGL. Sometimes, a solution may be installation of the latest drivers for graphic card.

You can run VariCAD command “hwtest” or “infs” (Menu Help -> About) to display all information about your hardware and currently used OpenGL version.

Important note for users working on notebooks:

Some notebooks have integrated graphic, usually less powerful, and external graphic (sometimes called discreet GPU), which is significantly more powerful and suitable also for CAD applications, like VariCAD. For NVidia or ATI and under Windows, VariCAD automatically detects external graphic and uses it. For Linux, make sure that your system is properly configured – VariCAD should run on external graphic, not on integrated graphic.


Important note for Linux users:

Linux distributions may contain own graphic drivers, like Mesa. Such drivers may not support OpenGL 4. Then, VariCAD will run with old OpenGL 1.1, even on suitable and powerful graphic cards. We strongly recommend to download and install the latest proprietary drivers for graphic, especially for ATI or NVidia cards. Based on hardware tests, performance of VariCAD under Linux and OpenGL 4.x is practically the same as under Windows and OpenGL 4.x. Contrary to this, VariCAD performance can be compromised if proprietary drivers for Linux are not used.