VariCAD 2017-2.0- May 15, 2017

This version contains:

Support of 4K Resolution.

New version supports 4K resolution (or UHD), 3840x2160. Previous versions worked well only in lower resolution, or under 96 dpi. For standard monitor size with UHD, dpi value is 192. Consequently, everything is twice smaller, except 3D solids or 2D drawings.

The new version provides alternative set of icons, toolbar configurations, displaying of panels and auxiliary objects, like various marks used in 2D or 3D. 

If you already run VariCAD under UHD, see Release notes below *).

Exploded Views of Assemblies.

If you activate exploded view mode, you can change locations of assembly parts into their exploded alternatives. These changed locations are saved together with the standard locations. Next time you turn the exploded view mode on, assembly parts are automatically repositioned according to their exploded alternatives. In exploded view mode, you can transform solids to define their alternative locations, you can create 2D views, create bitmap outputs or print 3D images. Exploded view also stores own angle of view, zoom and pan. The mode can be turned on/off by the same command. Most of other commands turn the exploded view off. 

3D Texts.

3D texts extruded into space can be defined and edited the same way as 2D texts. You can write text, select text height and text font. For 3D, extrusion height and draft angle is defined. Text font is exploded into 2D contours and these contours are then extruded. Optionally, you can explode fonts into lines and NURBS curves, or only into set of short lines. Also, you can create set of single extruded solids instead of text object. It is always possible to edit contours of letters individually (as of any extruded solids), and to change their locations individually. Editing the entire text object, all text letters are rebuilt in one step.

List of Materials.

For definition of solid attributes and BOM data, material of solids can be selected from list of materials. The list of materials is distributed as part of VariCAD package. However, the distributed list is rather schematic and short. Each user can add materials used in his company, or edit existing data. Materials in list are sorted into material groups. 

Together with material designation, each material contains definition of mass density and other optional data. By other words, if a material is once defined for a solid, you don’t need to define mass density later. Mass density must be known if you want to calculate mass of solids.

Optionally, materials contain definition of colors. In settings of display of solid colors and wires, you may turn on a display mode, when solid colors correspond to solid materials. For solids without material definition or materials without color definition, a specific common color is used.   

New Possibility of Solid Creation.

Solids are created by Boolean operations and blendings. The new feature allows you to join together two objects without necessity to perform Boolean add operation. This allows you to create solids from two separate lumps or from lumps which are touching each other in point or edge. Standard Boolean add can be performed only, if solids intersect each other or if they touch each other at surface.

Changes in 3D Kernel.

These changes make some operations faster and more reliable, especially editing of complicated solid structures. Also, input and output of STEP files is rebuilt. 

*) Release notes for users already running VariCAD under 4K resolution (UHD):

VariCAD allows you to define size of icons. If you start VariCAD and icons and texts remain small, run command “cfg”, select Icon size and then, select option “Automatically according to resolution” (the recommended option). Small icons may persist, if you previously selected size 20x20.

We recommend to use white background, if VariCAD runs under 4K resolution. You can change the color palette from “cfg” command, or run “cfg” command, select colors settings and reset the current colors. For 4K, the white background is more comfortable, especially in 2D mode.