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Vista x64 issues

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Vista x64 issues
During Varicad evaluation on Vista 64bit SP1, I've noticed a really annoying problem.
Switching from 2D to 3D is very slow (1-2sec). Similarly, using shift/ctrl wheel to rotate a model, is slow in responce though not in actual rotation.
And something even more weird; if opening precise drawing dialog and close it immediately, model rotates and 2D/3D switching slowness problem fix and everything is response. Unfortunately after modifying anything in 3D, slowness appears again.

BTW, I've tested the above situation in various Vista64 setups I have access to, including two Win2008 workstations and systems with different GPU hardware. All had exactly the same problem.

On my Windows XP (32) laptop, VariCAD works great though, but that's not the point. Actually I'm seeking for an affordable 64bit 2D/3D MCAD to use and VariCAD, besides this annoying problem, looks really promising.

Any plans to fix this issue?

Vista x64 issues
On Vista 64-bit VariCAD works well. Such issues have not been reported yet.

Please try the following:
- Open a medium or larger assembly.
- Use the "HWTEST" command (3x).
- Please send us the results at support@varicad.com and attach the file you made tests with.
- Please include also details about your hardware.

Thank you.