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VariCAD in X11?

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VariCAD in X11?

How difficult would it be to run VariCAD in the X11 server? I'm not that hot on X11 (or Linux for that matter), but as far as I am aware, if VariCAD could run in/on X11 then theoretically, it could also run in Mac OS X, as X11 comes part as OS X as standard.

There are an awful lot of people I know who would cut their right arm (clean off too!) for a MCAD package that would run in X11. (me included).


hello again :)
Hi Marek.

Any thoughts on this yet?

VariCAD is good software, it bang on the right price- especially now that we are in a recession. Having it multiplatform would be good for all.

X11 server runs natively within OS X. There are certain people who are even willing to help port Linux software to X11- like these guys;


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Running VariCAD in OSX

I really like the idea of running VariCAD in OSX. Right now I am running VariCAD using VMware fusion and Ubuntu 8.04 on my desktop (Mac Mini) set-up. It isn't quite the same as running natively on OSX, but not too far off. About the only limitation for me so far is that my laptop is still Power PC based, and I am unable to run VariCAD on it. VariCAD needs an intel processor to run on VMware on a Mac. I too would be excited to see VariCAD on Mac. I tried TurboCAD, which I found to fall quite short of VariCAD in terms of its usability.

Carl Helquist
Running VariCAD in OSX
Hello Carl / Hello Tom,

Currently we do not plan on supporting OSX. We are going to concentrate on further improvements of VariCAD capabilities rather than supporting additional platforms.


Theoretically, VariCAD should be able to be run in OSX because of X11 (which is part of OSX). Many Linux apps can be run in X11. I'll be talking to my brother this Christmas, who's a Linux and X11 expert.

I'm quite flabbergasted why so many companies choose not to support OSX, when it is clear that there are us out there, with the money to buy CAD, willing to invest.


Thanks for getting back. I imagine that there would be very little to be done in order to have VariCAD running in OSX, but I should also point out that there is good money in this also- to you, the developer, as I've read the stories of countless people, worldwide I may add, who would prefer an alternative MCAD system that isn't Windows (or Linux for that matter).

You do know that Rhino is currently being ported to Mac OSX? Although more expensive than VariCAD, Rhino has sheet metal abilities (very important!). You may want to get on the beta bandwagon?

Nope. Can't be done (VariCAD in X11). Unless the source code for VariCAD is released by the developers to someone prepared to compile the software, it's no go- which imho, is a great shame.

I'm at complete odds why noone are happy to develop a decent 3D MCAD system for Mac