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What special incantations are required to install varicad on Lenny? make and install just generate errors. Manual says follow instructions, doesn't say where to find instructions.
VariCAD is tested only on the stable distributions of Linux. Debian Lenny is not a stable release yet. The current stable distribution of Debian is "etch" (4.0r6).

As to the installation instructions, there are available in the ReleaseNotes.txt file. It is available also at ftp://ftp.varicad.com/pub/VariCAD/linux/ReleaseNotes.txt

installing? done
At the time I installed Lenny, it was declared "stable". Lenny addresses both hardware and software needs required for my use. Etch does not, and would be a backwards move requiring a lesser machine purchase. It would be "nuts" to go buy another machine just to run varicad.

Now that I know about the install instructions and discovered that they refer to an outdated file name, I was able to install onto Lenny and it appears to be functional.

Thanks for helping me out.