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auto-update of hatched section

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auto-update of hatched section
If I hatch a 3D section, and then change the 3D model, and refresh the 2D view exports, the hatch is not updated, i.e. it occupies the same region as before, and is not adapted to the new sizes.
This means that I need to delete and regenerate the hatch every time I change the geometry. In the phase of discussion/development of a model, it must be done daily.
It seems that the hatch is just a 2D object, which is not associated with the 3D section (only the boundary is found automatically, but then it is forgotten)
I don't know if it's a lot of work, but could a hatch be associated with the 3D section?

(p.s. see my other report on a hatching problem...)
I like to respond to my own posts... (at least somebody)
It's just a brainstorming...: 3D solids could have an attribute, which is the hatch pattern/density of their sections. Whenever they appear in any section view, this hatch could automatically apply to (all of) their section in 2D. By this way, one could easily ensure that the same 3D solid is hatched by the same pattern in all section views, making it easier to find the same solid in the different views. Changing (or creating) a hatch of a section in 2D could automatically set this property of the 3D solid, and automatically fill other sections of the same object in the 2D draft.