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Compositing WM support ETA

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Compositing WM support ETA
Is compositing window manager support expected within the next year? I'm trying to decide whether to bother with the license with updates.

Also, I'm getting a crash with the loft a rectangle to circle tool when using a regular square corner rectangle as the base and a filleted rectangle as the top. Perhaps I'm breaking the law but the failure isn't graceful. Nothing in the logs. It's no big issue because I can work around the problem by lofting a rectangle with a tiny radius in the corner to one with a large one using the prismatic loft tool.

Thank you for providing a great MCAD for linux!

Compositing window managers
Hi Paul,

For the near future, there are no plans to support compositing window managers, such as Compiz.

As to the loft (Prismatic Loft), the profiles need to be of similar shapes. Just as a warning message says. Therefore, it works when you add radius also to the second profile.


Thanks for the prompt reply! I hope it isn't too long: it's hard to be properly snooty about Linux without the effects.