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instalation on ubuntu 8.04

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instalation on ubuntu 8.04
I use linux desktop ubuntu 8:04, I try to install a terminal program. I have run after the error description "failed to change to directory '~' (no such file and directory)
Hope this helps you
I'm a user too. Kubuntu but basically the same underneath.

Use the Debian packages and install it with dpkg (or I think you can just click on the filename and it'll ask you if you want to install it). Ubuntu is based on Debian.

sudo dpkg -i filename

Same problem but after installing on ubuntu 9.04
I've the same issue but after installing on ubuntu 9.04 64 bits
no problems during installation process but no way to start application
error msg :
Could not launch 'VariCAD'
Failed to change to directory '~' (No such file or directory)
I'm trying to find where this call is from.
Any Ideas?
Thanks in advance
Same problem
I have same problem. Who can help me?
Run as SU
You should go to the installation folder and run the Varicad executable as super user.
then you will be able to setup the working folder.
the dektop launcher gives the error always , I don know wy....

broken shortcut
I think it is a broken shortcut. I created my own on desktop and it starts.

Another possibility is: [alt]+[F2] type there varicad
just type varicad in console (but when you close console the varicad will be closed too)

Kind regards
Go to the menu right click -> Edit menu -> Search for the varicad launcher at the (at me it is under the graphics section) choose properties. Under the location replace the /usr/bin/varicad to varicad. IMHO this improvement would be welcame in the further versions.