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3d perspective 2d view?

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3d perspective 2d view?
When I try to create a 2d view from a 3d perspective view the result is not correct, the perspective is inverted ie, objects farthest from the viewpoint are shown larger.
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
3d perspective 2d view?
I have just tried it with the current VariCAD 2009 1.05 and it works well.
Please check it by measuing the distances on the 2D drawing ("DIS" command, "2D Distance" icon").
checked the distance
The distances measured are identical, ie not perspective.
I am running version 1.04 and it reverts back to standard projection on 2d export. Can I install 1.05 on the same license (I only bought it two days ago) ?

Kevin York
The distances are identical
Yes, you can. The license key accepts updates.

As to the distances, they are really identical when designing. The perspective ones (and other options available in View > Precise Displaying) can be set just for presentation purposes etc. It is the same in both 2009 1.04 and 2009 1.05 versions.