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Object Snap Question
This is probably a very simple problem to fix, but I'm flummuxed.

I'm brand new to VariCAD, just starting to run the first tutorial. I am trying to fillet the radii on the 2D lines of the constructed piece.

I click the "round" icon, and get the small snap square for my cursor. When I try to select the intersection of 2 lines, the "intersect" V-shaped pointer does not appear (it stays as the normal small square) and I get the message "Object Not Found - Click mouse button".

It seems I'm not able to get the snap to identify the intersection of the lines.

I'm probably doing something very simple and basic wrong, but I don't know what it is. Could somebody offer some guidance?

Object Snap Question - Continued
OK, I've been playing around,a dn I find I cannot select the horizontal members of this drawing, but can select the diagonal.

Anybody have any idea what I'm doing wrong?
Object Snap Question - Continued
Can you send send us your drawing at support@varicad.com so that we can see what the problem is and suggest a solution?
Thank you.