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Can't run program in Ubuntu 9.10 (error)

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Can't run program in Ubuntu 9.10 (error)
OS: Ubuntu 9.10
Installed VariCAD 2010 1.02 (this: http://www.varicad.com/userdata/files/release/en/varicad2010-en_1.02_i386.deb)

1. Install program
2. Run application

Error text:

It was not possible to start «VariCAD»

There was a failure at directory change "~" (No such file or directory)

p.s. From Russia
VariCAD on Ubuntu
Here is what to do to make VariCAD running on Ubuntu:

1. Right click on the desktop.
2. Select the "Create launcher..."option.
3. Fill in the following:
- Name: VariCAD (for example)
- Command: /opt/VariCAD/bin/varicad &
4. Click "OK"
5. The icon on the desktop is created and you can launch VariCAD from there.