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A new problems Version elease 2010-1.04 on Ubuntu 9.10 (32bit)

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A new problems Version elease 2010-1.04 on Ubuntu 9.10 (32bit)
Hi guys, got a few problems, with demo version I'm testing
1: I'm using Workspace Switcher , (under gnone), when ever
I switch to diffant workspace and come back to the workspace
variCad is in, the 3D display engine, is locked up,
dos not hapen when Im in 2D display mode.
I can still save my working file, all the menu's still work,
just the 3D display is dead.
2: I can't remove part of a solid if it's completely inside the
cutting solid , I know that sounds strange, not sure how to
express it, but when I do a part cut into a circlar shap
and there is some I still need to remove, I can't remove any
more unless it intersection of the 2 surfaces, when complete
inside the cuting solid it wont remove it !

I'm holding of buy the program, until there is a fix, for the above problems, could you give me a fix time ?


Workspace Switcher, Boolean Operation
VariCAD works on Unbuntu 9.10 very well. (Actually it is tested under Kubuntu, Ubuntu with KDE).

Make sure that your OpenGL works properly. Do not use composite window managers, such as Compiz etc.

Please check our website at Product > Requirements

.. and Support > Knowledge Base

As to your second problem with Boolean operation (cutting a solid), please send us your file to support@varicad.com so that we can look into the cause and suggest a solution. Thank you.
VariCAD malfunctions in Kubuntu (Ubuntu 9.10)
The demo version I downloaded and installed on my Kubuntu laptop does not run correctly. It does not draw, the menus don't work, the icons disappear. But that is the good part. It also interferes with the OS and with other applications, even to the point of locking up the machine. It usually requires 2 reboots to shut down VariCAD and get the system running right again.
VariCAD works well on Kubuntu and Ubuntu 9.10
I'm afraid that there is something wrong with your system. VariCAD 2010 2.06 works really very well on both Kubuntu and Ubuntu 9.10.
Best Regards