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Is it possible to change the radius of a circle/arc once created?

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Is it possible to change the radius of a circle/arc once created?
Hello VariCAD users. I don´t know if it´s possible to edit the dimentions of 2D objects once created, specifically the radius of a circle/arc.

It would be great to do it like the "Edit and translate Solid Elements" 3D tool which lets you modify a box´s depth, a cylinder´s radius, a hole´s angle, etc. But I'm not shure if I can do something like that in 2D.

Thanks for reading.
Changing of Radius
It is not possible to change the Radius. This would be 2D Parametric wich is not implemented in Varicad as far as I know.
That's what I needer to know, I hope this is implemented in a close future. however, circles/arcs can be scalled.
Changing of Radius
Currently you can change it, for example, using the SCA command... New tools should be available in the new future. As VariCAD is intended mainly for 3D modeling, so most of the recent improvements have been made in 3D. But this year major enhancements in 2D can be expected as well.
Now that I think it well... its not SO necessary
Now that I'm really learning technical drawing basics, I have realized that the "construction line" funcionality (Which is no avalilable in other parametric CAD systems) makes life easier, and its not SO critical to be able to edit a dimension: I just have to put the construcion lines, check them, and once I'm sure about everything, I can start drawing. Just like in technical drawing.