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2D improvements.

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2D improvements.
VariCAD 3D has had some improvements lately. I believe 2D improvements will be somewhere in the future. While providing feedback to help to make VariCAD a better product it would be usefull to see the 2D improvements or bug fixes suggested for VariCAD to see what is being considered and what may have been improved already.

Some items I have are;
*Dimension text does not center when width relative to height is not 1, the relative factor seems not considered.
*when dimensioning with the super/sub script boxes (+0.01/-0.03) the super/sub script txt is not placed at the end of the dimension if the width relative to height is not 1, there is a big gap, the relative factor seems not considered.
*for the dimension line with a phi (dia. symbol), R or M there is a space between the symbol and the dimension, should there be no space for ISO drawings (I always have to delete it?.
*it would be useful to be able to snap to a dimension line, or arrow line, it would save needing to create construction line intersections to be snap points for these items.
*There was a problem with saving as DWG to a network drive.
*It would be good to be able to change the witness line gap with Edit Dimension Format instead of having to delete the dimension and re-draw with a new gap, is this because VariCAD stores only the witness line start point and not the point being dimensioned. If I stretch the part without including the witness line end points then the dimensions will not change accordingly. May be dimensioning is not associative.
2D improvements.
*Prevent empty page printing after canceling the print dialog.
*Add a dashed Printed Page Area inside the Boarder of 2D Format which does not print so placement of the drawing inside the printed area is possible.
2D improvements - more suggestions
I'd love to see a better way of handling angled construction lines. Having only two finite angles is very limiting. It would be nice to set down an angled construction line, define a new angle, then set down another without having to delete the first.

Also a "delete all construction lines you click on" would be good rather than having to knock them out by type. You could eliminate a bunch of buttons with that one.

I never get a blank page if I cancel printing (KDE). I do get that annoying "you canceled printing" dialog.
Scratch that
There it goes. I forgot I had a problem with the print driver before (printer specific problem). Now that it's fixed it's doing the blank page thing.
Wow, thanks for the updates

Thanks for the improvements on the construction lines. That makes things a lot nicer!