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how to make a multiple sheet drawings

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how to make a multiple sheet drawings
Hi All
Is any one know how to make a multiple sheets drawing for the same part/assembly?
multiple sheet drawings
Hi Amit,

The creation of multiple sheet drawings is possible but not recommended. In VariCAD it is recommended that you have each part or assembly in separate files (drawings).

Create a 3D assembly and then save its parts into separated files. Then, by using the 32E command you can export 3D views into 2D drawing. This way you get a set of files (each contain individual part or assembly). And each of these files contain both the 3D model and its 2D drawing.

Best Regards
multiple drawing sheets
Hi Mark

thanks for the answer,
what i have meant that let suppose you have a very complicated part and you need more then one sheet to fully describe the part?
how can you make such thing?

drawing sheets
Hi Amit,

Thanks for your explanation.

You can change the drawing format just as you need (see 2D menu Tools > Change Drawing Format). If the format you have currently set is not large enough, select a one that is large enough for placing all objects (possibly including also scaled-up detail views etc.) on the drawing.

Of course, the 2D area allows you to place objects anywhere, so you could place something like multiple sheets next to each other, but it is really not recommended.

Best Regards
multiple sheets please
Some assemblies are so large and require a number of auxilary views, there is no way to fit all the info on one E sheet and with a BOM. Some of my larger machines required 5-6 sheets. I have seen some assemblies with up to 20+ sheets. All the sheets could be in one 2D file as long as printing them was easy. I wouldn't want to "window" each sheet, one at a time if there were 20 of them.