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Assembly insertions

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Assembly insertions
I'd like if the inserted assemblies are kept as a block. Actually once inserted they will be reduced on their single entities.

At the least it should the option to assign automatically a group for the inserted solids, and then to choose either if we want to point to the single element or to the whole inserted assembly.

Just for example, to hold CTRL (or another key) for the whole assembly and normal way, as before, for a single solid. In case of ambiguity, because the solid is on different groups, it will go for the smallest one.

One more thing I'd like to know is that edited parts on the assembly are not modified on the respective file, listed into the BOM.
Also would be desirable that modification to the parts will be exported on the open assembly. In this way it would be easy to open several windows for parts editing rather and a crowded assembly. Or it would be good to open sub-assembly and do modifications in a new window while the parent assembly is open on the same session.