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Migration from AutoCAD to VariCAD

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Migration from AutoCAD to VariCAD
I am currently doing a research study on the migration to linux for an engineering firm.

I would like to know:
How long it takes for a user familiar with AutoCAD to become fully effective with VariCAD?

Any of you that made the switch could tell me what was the learning curve, let me know.
ACAD to Varicad
The interface of Varicad on 2D is not up to the ACAD interface. Against this is the 3D which is excellent. Acad have been on 2D for 25 years from the early 8 Bit Dos days and have spent millions on their routines in 2D and have their own interface where as Varicad uses Windows interface to a large extent. With varicad there are still bugs in the 2D which they take ages to fix. Exmple is the command rsg. Also with ACAD the command line is always available.
The learn curve time has been one year or more but I only use the program about 2 hours each day.
Hope this helps you.
Christopher Terrell
Migration from AutoCAD to VariCAD
We migrated from supervisions (a unix cad) to varicad. The migration was simple. Our new draftspeople have learned varicad easily.