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Slow machine/craphic card?

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Slow machine/craphic card?

Just installed Varicad and it feels very slow. I'm new with this and not sure what's the problem.

I have Debian Wheezy 64-bit. My machine is HP Probook 6455, i5-core, HD3000-graphiccard, 4Gt Memory, SSD-harddisk.

For some reason I set the working directory to Dropbox-folder, which is encrypted. (it asked it when I started Varicad for the first time) Could it be the problem? How do I remove Varicad completely to set up it again?

Can somebody tell me what to check, please?
VariCAD should not be slow on laptop, you described. Because Varicad operates with data stored in working directory, you should keep it on local disk. To change the working directory, right-click on the VariCAD desktop icon, select Properties, and edit the line “Start in.” If ot does not help I recommend you to try reinstall the Varicad.
Or you may not have installed right graphic card driver, try to update it. Varicad runs on OpenGL, if the card does not support it, Varicad will be slow.
Hello again
I installed Varicad to Lenovo Thinkpad with Amd Fusion E-350 -processor and it works great. E-350 is really weak processor than Intels Core i5. Distribution is also Debian Wheezy 64-bit. So I think there's something wrong with my another laptop.
yes I think the problem is not with hardware but software. Did you tried to update graphic card driver and reinstall Varicad to a folder on local disc? It may help. If you did and the problem persist you could try test the Varicad to find the problem. Run Varicad, do Open existing file, there find and open folder your Varicad is installed in, open folder lib, then folder sample, run "sample2" file. Then let Varicad load it and then enter command "hwtest". Send me the results. Remmember, in order to get corresponding results, it must be "sample2" file and you must not rotate the view.
I had to come back to say: the problem is that Intel does not provide drivers with working OpenGL for Linux. I have to change my laptops to something with Radeon or Nvidia.

For Varicad I'm very satisfied. It works great. Thank you.