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Keep Quick Demo open on Linux?

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Keep Quick Demo open on Linux?
I just installed the VariCAD Trial version on Ubuntu 14.10. If I have a quick demonstration open and then try to follow along, all of the quick demo windows close, meaning I can't follow along with the example.

To be very specific, let's say I open Help => Quick Demo => 2D drawing - constructions lines. When I click on the real Varicad "Create Multiple Construction Lines" button, both the "Quick Demonstration" and "2D drawing - construction lines" windows close. To see the next step, I would have to re-open Help => Quick Demo => construction lines and find my place again. This makes it very difficult to learn VariCAD from the built-in tutorials.

How can I keep the Quick Demo windows open while I repeat the steps in VariCAD? Is this a Linux-only issue?
Same problem, Quick Demonstration window closes when Varicad toolbar is clicked
I have the exact same issue on Linux using Pop!_OS 20.01 20.04LTS (Ubuntu based)

I am doing an evaluation (30 days) and want to learn the CAD system, took me forever to figure out the "Quick Demonstration, Basic Tips" has tutorials for various tasks in it. Which is great, you guys need to point out that's where you start to learn the system.

However there is a major problem, as desribed about in 2015 by the OP.

While doing these tutorials, if you click back inside varicad and click any icon, the tutorial CLOSES, and you loose your place. This makes it impossible to use!

Am I missing something here? I don't think this should be the intended function! How do I get the tips to stay open while I use them as a reference to enact the tutorials?