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*BSD question and work around.

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*BSD question and work around.
I wonder if there are any plans for a *BSD native compile for VariCAD? In the mean time, for those interested in running VariCAD on a *BSD, in this case "FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p8". Make sure Linux compatability installed, I believe the default in PC-BSD (FreeBSD based). Note that this ONLY WORKS for 32bit programs and libraries:

cd /compat/linux/
rpm2cpio.pl < /usr/home/<username>/Downloads/VariCAD_2015-en-1.05-1.i586.rpm | cpio -id

**I also needed a additional 32bit library, you can find in a RPM repository:

rpm2cpio.pl < /usr/home/tony/Downloads/libmesaglu1-9.0.0-2.mga3.i586.rpm | cpio -id

VariCAD developers, please give a shot to installing a *BSD (PC-BSD seems like a good desktop *BSD) and try a compile of VariCAD source tree.
*BSD question and work around.
Thanks for the info! Something I would like to see as well.