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OpenSuse Leap 42.3

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OpenSuse Leap 42.3
Building a new computer for vcad, running opensuse 42.3. Varicad installs ok after complaining about no signature, but will not start. All I get from the terminal is "Abort: Core dump". OpenGL appears to be working (Intel HD 610). Have you seen this before? Thank You!

OpenSuse Leap 42.3
Dear Mr. Skeen,
our experience is that Intel integrated graphic cards are not reliable with OpenGL 4.x. You may try to run VariCAD under OpenGL 1.1. To do this, start VariCAD with argument -oldOpenGL or create a txt file named OldopenGL.vcdarg with --oldOpenGL text in it and drag and drop it on VariCAD's shortcut or initialisation file. If VariCAD starts properly this way, consider a dedicated graphics card, because VariCAD runs about ten times slower under OpenGL 1.1 and you will be short of some features. Have a nice day.

VariCAD Support Team
more opensuse leap 42.3 issues
Hello, I seem to have a problem to get the 2.10 version started at all on an intel core i5-3210M with an i915 graphics card driver. All GL dependencies seem to be fulfilled, and I have to resort to version 2.07 to get Varicad to start up in a meaningful way. The proposed solution to use a command line option -oldOpenGL also does not work, it allows only three options, including the -help one... Any suggestions what to try? Thanks & Cheers, Christian