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Bug whit 2d display

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Bug whit 2d display
I have installed de newest version of Varicad and when i have a object like a cube, then if i want to pass the 3d view to 2d the display gets frozen. In the 2d view remains the image of the cube in 3d and i cant move or do anything.
Bug whit 2d display
Dear Mr. Chiriboga,
we are sorry for your inconvenience. Does this issue occur randomly or is it repeatable? Could you please provide us with a file where this happens or tell us the exact procedure step by step? You can send the file to: support(at)varicad.com

Thank you
VariCAD Support Team
Same problem
I am having the same problem on my surface book 2. Nothing appears in 2d, even if i load a 2d drawing

Re: Same problem
Dear VariCAD users,

here is some new informations regarding the discussed issue. This issue is related to Nvidia graphics card drivers, but may be present even on other harware. A bug was introduced in some version of the Nvidia proprietary drivers causing VariCAD not to display the 2D enviroment reliably. This issue has persisted to this day, but some laptop users has reported, that Nvidia drivers from version 391.xx are patched. If the version 391.xx and higher does not solve the issue for you, try downgrade to version 382.xx, as this version is tested working on any hardware reliably.

As this issue is dependent on more circumstances, it fortunately does not occur that often and therefore affects only minority of VariCAD users.

We hope, that this issue will be resolved as soon as possible and that it brings you the least inconvenience possible.

Thank you for your understanding. Best regards,

VariCAD Support Team