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Fillet on boolean union

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Fillet on boolean union

I cannot fillet edges resulting from the union (add) of two objects. When the fillet tools is selected, I can select some pre-existing edges, but the ones resulting directly from the union (i.e. which were not already present in the original objects) can't be selected.

For example, create two cylinders that cross in their middle, and fuse them. You can fillet the outside circles at the end of the cylinders, but not the edges in the middle. They change color when you hover them, but clicking does not select them.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug or a limitation of the geometric kernel used by Varicad ?
Fillet on boolean union
Dear Cyril,

this is a limitation of the geometric kernel used by VariCAD.

It is planned to add possibility of filleting such edges and also fillets that have variable radii along the edge.

There is no planned time period, when you could expect the feature, but I think it will be added, as it limits VariCAD users.

I hope this is sufficient answer for now.

Best of luck!

David Zaplatilek
VariCAD Support Team