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How do I create a line

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How do I create a line
How do I create a line then make the line ,for example, 40 mm in length then rotate it to 30deg

Creation of Lines
Hi Trevor,

There are several options how to draw such a line. For example, as follows:
1. Click on "Line" icon (or type LIN command)
2. Define the first point. You can snap to the grid by pressing the Spacebar while having the cursor at the desired position.
3. Then, you can, for example, click on the "Angle and Distance" icon in the temporary pop-up menu, and enter values for the second point.

To rotate any line, you can use the function "Rotate or Copy 2D Objects" or function "Dynamic Rotation".

Please see also documentation included in the software:
1. VariCAD menu: Help > Quick Demonstration Flash Movies
2. VariCAD menu: Help > Tutorial
3. VariCAD menu: Help > Reference Manual, see the 2D Drawing chapter.
Creation of Lines
Thanks. I wil try it over the weekend.