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Cylinder only linear segments ?

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Cylinder only linear segments ?
I build a cylinder that has only linear segments and is not exactly round. That causes problems if i export this to .stl data for 3d printing. What do i do wrong ?
best regards
Cylinder only linear segments ?
Dear Mr. Schlenger,

there are 3 options that you can set for VariCAD when generating the mesh for 3D STL files. See: Tools/System Settings/Stereo-lithography File Export Settings

VariCAD creates even mesh for general shapes, but creates these long triangles when exporting cylinders or cones. Also the graphic representation of cirlces or curves in 2D and 3D is approximated by NURBS curves - polylines for better graphics performance whilst saving HW resources. The actual shape is much more precise.

When exported to STP file format, I believe you will get a better result. Then you may try to import it straight if that is supported or try to reexport it using other software tools.

This problem has been reported to the VariCAD development already, thank you for your patience.

David Zaplatilek
VariCAD Support Team