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Is there a way to change display line thickness

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Is there a way to change display line thickness
I just switched to 4K monitors and now the line thicknesses all look the same and are very hard to see. I can't find an adjustment for line thickness other than for printing.

Is there a way to change display line thickness
Unfortunately, as you can see in this forum as well, the user-friendly 2D drawing tool is not a top priority for the VariCAD team So, I think, for comfortable work with two-dimensional drawings, you can consider alternative programs like LibreCAD or QCAD.
2D drawing line width control
I would agree but many of my parts are generated from old school technical drawings, and then converted to 3d either as lofts, extrusions, revolutions, etc.

If I'm not mistaken the Varicad GUI is based on QT. Changing line width in QT is trivial.

If you're phasing out the 2D capability I do indeed need to look into an alternative package as I don't have access to a CNC machine and tend to work from Drawings.

Why yes I am nearly 60, why do you ask? ;>)

Thanks for the response.

Re: 2D drawing line width control
IMHO, the loss of communication between the 3D and 2D spaces of the program is unpleasant, however, in the case of VariCAD, it is less of a nuisance than the inconvenient tools for working with 2D drawings.
As for Qt, I believe, but I work with drawings, not Qt. To each his own.
2d Support
So is the path forward to do away with the ability to do 2d drawings and extrude or rotate them into 3D shapes?

Re: 2d Support
I do not mean eliminating opportunities, but choosing a convenient and effective way to work with 2D objects. In LibreCAD you can work with 2D objects and drawings more efficiently, and then save them as .dxf and already in VariCAD make them 3D objects, if you are primarily interested in this. However, you work in a convenient 2D environment and perform only one additional action - transferring the drawing from LibreCAD to VariCAD. If you are working in a 2D VariCAD environment, running each command to create or edit 2D objects will require you to perform one to several extra operations. When I talk about 3D-2D connection loss, I mean that it is not possible to automatically update 2D drawings in LibreCAD directly from the updated 3D model in VariCAD. This will require transferring the modified drawing from VariCAD to LibreCAD via .dxf. But personally, it upsets me less than the inconvenience of the 2D environment of VariCAD. Note: I have no complaints about the 3D environment of VariCAD, it is made quite professionally. Instead, the 2D environment in VariCAD is extremely clumsy. And, in my opinion, the weakness of the 2D environment is an obstacle to the popularity of VariCAD, even despite the high-quality 3D environment and a very attractive price.