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How do I create a rectangle and extrude it

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How do I create a rectangle and extrude it
I think I need a real beginners guide. How do I create a rectangle?...and extrude it ?

Thanks again
Creation of Rectangles, Extrusion
If you want to create a rectangle for extrusion into a solid, you can do it as follows:
1. Click on "Rectangle" icon (or type RECT command)
2. Define the first corner of the rectangle. You can snap to the grid by pressing the Spacebar while having the cursor at the desired position.
3. Then, you can, for example, click on the "Dx,Dy" icon in the temporary pop-up menu, and enter the dx and dy values for the second opposite corner of the rectangle.
4. To extrude the rectangle into 3D solid, use the "Extrude" icon (ESO command).

Please note that instructions on how to proceed within the functions are always provided in the left bottom corner of the screen.

Also, you can create 3D solids very easily directly in 3D. There you can use predefined solids and use Boolean operations to create your models.
It worked. Thanks