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How can I loft the old way?

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How can I loft the old way?
How do I loft between 2d shapes? It used to work by selecting bottom shape, select top shape, and specify height. Now, any attempt to loft throws me into 3d where I must sketch on a plane. I have my shapes, in the correct relation to each other in the 2d view, How can I either bring them into the 3d view, without changing position or orientation, or just loft the old way?
Re: How can I loft the old way?
It looks like the old way is dead. Now you can do the following:
Create the desired shapes in a 2D environment -> cut them to the buffer -> go to a 3D environment -> choose "Lofting" command -> choose the first plane -> paste all shapes from buffer -> arrange the first shape as you need -> others cut to the buffer -> define next plane -> paste and arrange next shape -> repeat these steps for each shape -> finish the "Lofting" command.