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2d blocks

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2d blocks
i am trying varicad but as in autocad are the 2d blocks not connected each others?, i mean the block with a name , if i edit it , it should change in all other copies of this block?

and like in autocad there is no refedit when i edit a block in place?
Re: 2d blocks
VariCAD is not AutoCAD at all. 3D modeling of VariCAD works well, and 2D is much worse than AutoCAD. From another point of view, the price is much better than AutoCAD. Assume that you have paid for the 3D capabilities of VariCAD. 2D capabilities VariCAD are mostly problems, not capabilities However, a possible compromise: LibreCAD. LibreCAD allows you to work quite comfortably with 2D. In particular, working with blocks and polylines is similar to AutoCAD.
Re: 2d blocks
To be able to update all copies of a block in a drawing, you must save the block as a separate file using the 'bls' command. Changes to this file will then update all copies of the block in the drawing.
Re: 2d blocks
I apologize for the previous post. I was wrong. Changing a block in VariCAD does not affect its copy. In LibreCAD it is possible, but in VariCAD it is not. Sorry, it is not possible to correct or delete my erroneous statement on this forum.