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Bug on divide by point

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Bug on divide by point
Hi all,

I am trying to make an arc with 2mm wide and 18.5 of radius (center). To make that I draw 3 circles, 17.5, 18.5 and 19.5mm of radius. Then draw, 2mm circles with separated with certain distance (see drawing attached).


The inner and outer big circles must be in touch with both 2mm circles but I am not able to cut them by the tangent point. I've try everything without success. Any ideas?

I have version 2018-2.11.

Best regards,
Re: Bug on divide by point
Hello Juan,

thank you for your report. It will be directed to our development.

When we tested the problem it seemed VariCAD didn't detect intersections on the small circle when selecting by cursor.

It can be worked around using the "Intersection, Intersection of Extensions" snaping filter that is the fourth icon from right in the Divide by Point function.

Let us please know if it worked for you.

It is also good to send example files to support@varicad.com.

VariCAD Support Team

I have solved the problem making a line from the center big circle to the top tangent point of the little circles (making two lines), making a line, the tangent point is recognised. Then when I selected the divide by point option, the point can be selected

Best regards.