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2d area measurement

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2d area measurement
I am having a problem measuring room floor areas, the only function I can find is under Objects-calculations-2d area . I have tried all the options such as gap
healing and mark gap in outline (for doorway) but without luck. Can you please help.
2d area measurement
Yes, it can be done using the function you mentioned (Objects>Calculations>2D Area, 2DA command).

If you have a gap in the outline (for doorway etc.) you can select the option "Selecting single elements". Then in the temporary pop-up menu click on the "Create Temporary Boundary Segment" and select "Create temporary line". It will allow you to draw a temporary line closing the gap. Then, to calculate the area, continue following the instructions in the lower left corner of the screen.

In other cases, where there are no gaps, you can select the default settings (Automatic detection of 2D area), you can do just the following: Select a segment of the boundary, and then click inside the area. Again, just as instructed in the lower left corner of the screen.