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Symbol creation

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Symbol creation
How do I create a symbol in File>Symbols>Create Library Symbol.
If I draw something I am prompted for a symbol library in my draw directory but cannot create a new library.
If I have previously inserted a welding or tolerance symbol I cannot even get that far but get an error "Symbol Library cannot be replaced"
Symbol creation
You can create such a symbol and save it to a symbol library very easily as follows:

1. Draw a symbol.

2. Use the "Create Library Symbol" feature (SLC command, or File>Symbols>Create Library Symbol.)

3. Following the instructions in the status bar, select a symbol insertion point, select connection points, and right click. Then select the symbol objects, and right click.

4. In the dialog window "Symbols", which will appear once you have done the above, define the symbol name. Then click the "Insert to library as new" button.

5. And it is complete.

Now you can try to insert the symbol using File>Symbols>Insert Symbol (SLI command)

Symbol creation
I follow step 1 ok.
I use the slc command or menu item at step 2.

I then get a file open dialogue box and instructions to select symbol library. I don't yet have a symbol library as this is what I am trying to create.
Symbol creation
So just type a file name in this Open dialog box, and click on the "Open" button.
Then the following message will appear "File .... not found, create a new file?". Click "Yes"
Symbol creation
I do the following;
type a file name in this Open dialog box, and click on the "Open" button.

But nothing happens, the open dialogue stays, the message "File .... not found, create a new file?". Click "Yes" does not appear.
Symbol creation
Perhaps I have not written it clearly. I wanted to say:

Then the following message will appear "File .... not found, create a new file?".
Then click on the "Yes" button in this dialog box.

In the dialog box you should be able to see the above message, and under it the folowing buttons: Yes , No, Back, Cancel.

(VariCAD 2008 2.0)

Symbol creation
I think we must be misunderstanding each other somewhere. I cannot get the message "File .... not found, create a new file?". I will state the procedure I follow for a simple example, may be there is an error in what I do. I can send screen shots but I don't think to this discussion.

1. I open VariCad and draw a square in 2D.
2. I click on SLC (File>Symbols>Create library symbol).
3. A standard file open dialogue appears. It has 2 buttons. Open, Cancel. The VariCad prompt states "Select symbol library"
4. I have tried 2 options\
a) Click Open
b) Enter a file name selib.sym and click open.
5. nothing happens, no other dialogue opens, the file opn dialogue stays where it is and doesn't change. The VariCad priomp still states "Select symbol library".
6. I have to press cancel to get out of this state.
Symbol creation
Sorry for the delay in my reply.

Pehaps the problem is that you have not activated any library before creating the symbol. To do so, please use the "SLA" command (File > Symbol > Open Symbol Library).

Symbol creation
To add my input to that topic, I undestood that we have to open a library before to create a symbol. To do that I've looked for a command wich create an empty library file. I did'nt found it. So I've made a copy of an existing file into my Home folder, renamed and opened it. After that i've created a new symbol in that library in remplacement of an existing one. This works perfectly but I find that way a little bit complicated. Does exist an easier way ?

Any comment ?
I am having the same problem.
I thought it might be permission related but the only way I can create a symbol file is to copy another one and add to it.
When I press the button open and the symbol library does not exist nothing happens.
Symbol creation

What version of VariCAD are you using? I can confirm identical behaviour to yours on my installation (v. 2007 3.01 Ubuntu 8.10), i.e., symbol creation doesn't work correctly.

Perhaps we should both consider to upgrade
Symbol creation
I have already upgraded to 2008-3.01 and problem persists.