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2D snaps

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2D snaps
I cannot snap to an arrow or dimension line or inserted symbol unless I explode the items completely.

Is there a way to snap to dimension lines and arrows.

If I insert a symbol (such as copywrite symbol) and then wish to move the symbol I cannot snap insertion point to the centre (line or arc not found). Is there a way to do this without exploding the symbol. (by the way these symbol names are not in english)

It would be useful if it was possible to snap to one construction line. I would like to add a construction line so my dimension lines all snap to it and are nicely in line.

It would be useful if the orthogonal snap (F11) applied to cursor movement in translate, etc. Sometimes it is useful to constrain the movement. This starts to work with temporary trimming lines but breaks on clicking the second point.
snapping to dimensions
I do not think it would be a good idea to snap to dimensions! Because you can create dims with an offset from your model, it is easy to snap to the dim-line instead of the object on a corner, which may give you a wrong dimension, that is easily overlooked. This happens in cad system that support this feature quite often.
If you do not like the continuous mode, try to snap to grid. I usually set a very fine grid (depending on scale ) of about 1mm or so. You then line your dimension sort of up, and then hit space, which gives you perfect alignment.

Just a thought......