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about russification for VariCAD

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about russification for VariCAD

At this time my organization search alternative CAD-system, but this program have to be on Russian language and support *nix-like -system.

VariCAD, have all, what need, but without Russian-support - users can't high-grade to work

There is a russification in the form of a patch, or in what or other variant? I did not manage in a demoversion to find installation of Russian.

Thanks for attention to my problem
about russification for VariCAD
Hello Victor,

The current VariCAD 2008 3.0 already supports Cyrillic fonts.

As to the user interface, it is now available just in English but we plan on releasing another language versions.

I hope that you will find even the English version easy to use. Please watch also Flash movies included in VariCAD (menu: Help > Quick Demonstration, Flash Movies).

Thank you
about russification user interface

Translate user menu in russian language needed for users in my organization. The head of the organisation will not allow to get products in other language. How I can Whether probably to translate the given product by own strength? If it is posible