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how use the trim I don't know use this tool
This tool allows you to cut off unwanted parts of lines (curves).

You can make a very simple test:

1. Design two lines crossing each other. (Consider one of them a dividing line, and the second as the line which part you want to cut off.)

2. Use the "Trim" icon.

3. Follow the instructions you can see in the left lower corner of the screen (in the status bar), i.e.
- select the dividing line,
- then select the part of the second line you want to cut off,
- and finally click on this line s the selection of the object.

I believe it will help you understand how it works.
Trim problems
It is absolutely upsetting to be unable to trim the desired part of an arc ... even if you try to follow a logical way :

select points in direct (ccw) way then click one or another part of circle ... wyou are wrong every times !

Trim problems
You seem to be trying to remove a segment from the circle (or arc). For this purpose, please use the tool "Remove Segment" (RSG command) ... The Trim tool is intended just for trimming, which it works well for.
RSG problem.
No Sir ... I am speaking of RSG ... usually you should be able to choose which part of the circle is to be removed, but result is completely random on my 3.04 release, either way I
choose first, second intersection and side of arc or circle !

I asked also, for a long time why we are not using material density attribute for computing the CG of a bunch of mixed
material objects ... it's a very small programming effort as everything is available.

It's no really nice to have to compute CG of steel objects, CG of Al or Glass objects and take his pen to add moments .... !!! Grrrrrr !

Despite this I rank Varicad extremly high in terms of productivity.

Thanks a lot.
RSG problem.
When using the RSG command the results are really not random. It always select a shorter part of the arc or circle. Please note that unlike within some other functions, here you are not asked to select a part to be removed.

As to calculation of the CG, improvements can be expected.

Thank you.
rsg problem
Ive been having trouble with this 2, what do i have to do to remove the large section of the arc and keep the smaller???