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Ubuntu 8.04.1

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Ubuntu 8.04.1
Dear Sirs,

I am using the currently latest version of Ubuntu (8.04.1) and after starting Varicad it opens up with a blank screen. After a while it closes without any error massage. What may the problem be? Is the latest Linux version not verified or could it be the video card driver (nVidia FX5500)?

Adam Novak
Check 2D
I've been using VariCAD on Ubuntu 8.04 with intel video card and worked fine. Check if the 2D mode works right. It might be the drivers.

I found two errors, once found easily fixed / worked around.

First I booted UBUNTU in recovery mode - this allows reconfiguration of a damaged system.
Then chose fix X configuration- this reset the X configuration to a basic ubuntu / X driver.
Then nVidia installer --update option ( I always do this to get the latest)
- I noticed it reported /usr/lib/---/libflx.so not a link
- I logged in on a while the installer was paused with the message on a second terminal and renamed the file to *.was
- returned to terminal one and 'OK' the message- the installer continued happily.
I then rebooted to check if all went well.- it did
Except- the graphics were set very low res.
I manually set the monitor xsync & ysync ranges in /e tc/X11/xorg.conf to the monitor specs.
logged out & back in to the GUI log in. this gave me a reasonably drivable GUI.
I used the nVidia configuration tool set things as I wanted them Dual Head right resolutions etc hit apply- perfect, so saved the configuration.
Except... I logged out then back in again to confirm everything was right, - it wasn't.
Somehow for the first time I realised that I was never prompted for an admin password.- of course the nVidia configuration program did not have permissions to rewrite the configuration file.- so I saved it on the user directory then logged in as 'root' and copied the file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.


Now all working beautifully- I found the bug with the nVidia setup.