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Recently I have serious problems running VariCAD (3.04). I use openSuSE (64 bit), kernel x86_64 and both KDE4.2 and KDE3.5. The problem is that the VariCAD crashes on regular basis. I made a 3D drawing and when making a 2D object from 3D drawing the VariCAD crashes if I click with the mouse in the 2D drawing. It also crashes if I click onto the empty place in a drawing.

Please advice.

VariCAD under openSUSE 11.1

We have tested the 64-bit package of VariCAD under openSUSE 11.1 (64-bit) and it works well. Also, no such issues have been reported from other users yet.

We would like to help you but even after reading the details you sent via email we really have no idea why it does not work on your system.

VariCAD under openSUSE 11.1
I have the same problem, or at least similar. After some work in 2D, if click on an area of the screen, to complete a dimension, draw a line, or simply click, VariCAD close/crash without saving. After that i restart VariCAD it open a window: last session failed, do you want to recover the previous from backup? Obiouvsly it don't recover all parts on that drawing. It's very annoing. I don't know if it's a system bug.
I'd like to know if other with opensuse 11.1 has the same problem.
When i started to use/test VariCAD on opensuse 10.2 i didn't had this problem, but i don't know if it is opensuse 11.1 or VariCAD 2009 1.04.