VariCAD - Online Training

We offer an individual remote training - consultation according to customer's requirements.

Basic contents of the course:

  • Basic solids: editing, copying and transforming, etc.
  • Additional features: rounds, chamfers, holes, transforming parts of solids, etc.
  • 2D drawing in 3D;
  • Parameters and geometric constraints;
  • Creation and editing pipes;
  • Creation and editing shells;
  • Sheet metal unbending;
  • Assemblies, sub-assemblies, parts files;
  • Boolean tree structure;
  • Bill of materials, working with BOM, solid attributes, title blocks;
  • Crash tests, automatic interferences;
  • 3D sections management, 2D drawing from 3D model;
  • 2D drawing, dimensioning tools, hatching functions, etc.
  • Mechanical parts calculations (spring, couplings, gears, bearings, etc.);

We would like to introduce "tips and tricks approach" of VariCAD's built in help and adjust contents of the course to fit your particular needs.

    Requirements: VariCAD license (or trial), TeamViewer, Skype, internet connection.

    Pricing: 55,- EUR/1 hour

    Expected length of 1 session: 1 - 2 hours.

For more details please contact us.