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Cups pdf printer under linux

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Cups pdf printer under linux
Currently to create a PDF from Varicad I first create a postscript file
through the print , Print varicad drivers, postscript print. Create the postscript file . Open that with KGhostview which takes AGES
then print to the CUPS pdf printer . Has anyone been able to get Varicad to recognise the CUPS pdf printer directly ?
Have you tried the "Print To File" checkbox?
It does not work for me in Kubuntu 9.04 either. The file is generated in ~/PDF but there is nothing visible in it.

However, in the print dialog there is a checkbox to Print to File, and when checked it generates a PDF which does work fine.

If your config doesn't allow that, send me an email and I'll try to figure out what I'm doing right.
CUPS PDF Printer
For me, using Fedora 10 with GNOME desktop and cups every thing works well.
I added the cup pdf-printer to my local(user) cups setting.
In VariCad Printer selection I simply select 'cups-pdf-printer' and a
appropriate printout will be dropped on my desktop. Only renaming
and moving in the destinaion folder is necessary.