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2 things that don't work

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2 things that don't work
I have version 2010-2.01. There are two things in 2-D that just don't seem to work. One is the single text line. The other is the leader. I find I have to use a "note" and an arrow to create a leader.

Or am I just unable to figure out how to use those features?
it works just fine
Hi Paul,

I have tried it and it works just fine with the current VariCAD 2010 2.08. It works with all fonts (VariCAD and system ones). Also, the leaders can be created without any problems. I have no idea of why it does not work for you. Please download the latest v.2010 2.08 from http://www.varicad.com/en/home/products/download/

Best Regards