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Batch conversion from DWB to DWG ?

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Batch conversion from DWB to DWG ?
All our data is in DWB (2d & 3d) formats. We've created an online portal for our vendors & customers to see drawings. They've been informed to download Varicad Viewer to use our drawings.

Problem is when they want to use the drawings in their assembly, they need to convert the DWB drawings into DWG (Autocad) format. Some customers need to convert it into SolidEdge / SolidWorks format so that they can use our products.

Till now it is very cumbersome for us to get physical requests to send them converted files even though they have access to those files in Viewer.

Is there any way or any software that:
1) We can use to convert DWB files to Other formats in Batch ? OR
2) Any viewer/ third-party software i can distribute/ offer my vendors / customers so that they can download the DWB files from our portal & convert them to their required format ?
3) Does Varicad-Viewer have any special paid-feature that can view & convert DWB files to required format without allowing to edit.

We've huge DWB data which we've given access to customers & vendors. We cannot spend huge amount of manpower simply converting files to different format just because Varicad-Viewer is not capable of it.

Does anyone have a solution to batch conversion ? or a Viewer with conversion feature ?
Batch conversion from DWB to DWG
VariCAD can convert multiple files at once. Please see VariCAD menu File -> Batch File Conversion. Thank you.