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Tool Strecthbydragging

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Tool Strecthbydragging
Something's goes wrong when using this tool (say on an angle made of to lines or on one side of a rectangle). When you want to enter the value of stretching with the keyboard (typing "d" for example), the dialog box opens and you can input the needed values.
But, once this is done it's impossible to finish the operation with either of the available buttons or clicking inside or outside the box.

The onlu thing it happens is that you return at the initial state.

Working on Mandriva 2008.1. Software version 2007 3.01
Tool "Stretch by Dragging"
I have just tried it in the current VariCAD 2008 3.01 and it works very well.

You probably forgot to define the reference point before entering the dx,dy values. Please do the following (just according to the instructions in the status bar):

1. Use the "Stretch by Dragging" icon.

2. Select the side of the rectangle, for example, you want to stretch.

3. Select a reference point.

4. Type "d" (or click the icon Dx.Dy... )to open the dialog box for input of dx,dy values.

5. Enter Dx, dy valuas and click the "OK" button, and then click the "End keyboard input" button.

6. Right click to confirm.

Tool "Stretch by Dragging"
I confirm this works. But, you need to be very carefull after pressing the "End keyboard input" button because at that time every little move of the mouse modify your final position.

It's not very comfortable. Did you try it ?
Tool Strecthbydragging
This took me a while to master, my method;
1. Make your selection for stretching.
2. Click the reference point.
3. d, enter coordinates, OK (enter)
4. Hold the mouse steady.
5. Tab to "End Keybd Input", enter, don't move the mouse.
6. Without moving the mouse, right click the mouse.

Seems odd I know, but there are a couple of tools like this.