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2D Scaling

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2D Scaling
Is it possible to scale a 2D drawing that was imported, to fit on the required paper size, yet still maintain the original dimension or scale. A line measuring 133 before scaling measure 10 afterwords, I want it still to measure 133.
2D Scaling
You should be able to import a 2d drawing, so that when you check the length of a line with "dis" a line that should be 133 is 133, no scaling involved.

When you print you have an option in the print dialogue to print the drawing actual size (so the line measures 133 on the paper) or to scale the drawing up/down by selecting just the area you want printed (defined by selection window) so that this fills the paper selected for your printer.

Use "preview" to check how this fits on the paper as the scaling seems screen resolution dependent. (what you select may print bigger or smaller)