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BOM and Title Settings?

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BOM and Title Settings?
If I created a title block and a parts list setting, how can I transfer it to somebody else?
I couldn't find any useful config file or so to send.

Also, I can't really find a way to preset some values in the assembly, so I find myself retyping things like "designer" or "Job number" over and over again :P

Last not least, the qty update from assembly to parts value doesn't seem to work
BOM Settings
I thing that this should be rather in 3D section.

BOM, Attributes and Title blocks settings are stored at file "bom_mask.bmask". By default, this file is in your cfg directory. During the first attempt to work with it, the file is initialized - you have to read carefully the text displayed in message box.

If there are more people working in one company, they should share one settings. You can save the settings to location accessible from network. Everyone should set the same location at his BOM settings.

Read the manual. This is described in section "Compatibility of Defined Attributes and Attribute Groups".

Attributes from different settings may not be merged properly.