Checking Objects, Distance, Angle and Coordinates

Checking functions for 2D objects are accessible from the Objects / Check menu or from the 2D Check toolbar.

2D Coordinates - COO

Displays X, Y coordinates of a selected point.

2D Distance - DIS

Displays the distance between two points.

Angle - ANG

Displays the measurement of an angle. You can define an angle by following methods:

  • By line direction
  • By two points
  • Between two lines
  • By three points
  • By tangent of an arc or a spline

Angles are always measured counterclockwise, and their values are displayed in degrees.

2D Object Information - ODT

Displays information about a selected 2D object. Object type, layer, color, line type, and work set (if any) are always listed. Other displayed data depends on the type of selected object.



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