Writing Special Characters

Special characters can be used during dimensioning or creation of 2D text lines. Whenever a text input is required, a toolbar containing special characters is available. Click a corresponding icon to enter a special character.

The following special characters are available:

  • Diameter sign
  • Degree sign
  • Plus/minus sign
  • Set of selected Greek letters
  • Set of selected currency symbols
  • Set of selected general symbols
  • Set of selected numerical symbols

Special characters toolbar

Mathematic Expressions

If you need to specify a numeric value, you can enter a number or a mathematic expression. If either the expression or number contains errors or invalid characters, a warning message is displayed.

Mathematic expressions can contain the following operators:

  • + (plus)
  • - (minus)
  • * (multiply)
  • / (divide)
  • ^ (exponent)

Numbers and variables can be written in brackets or parentheses with unlimited insertion levels.

Mathematic expressions can also contain the following functions:

  • sin, cos (sine, cosine)
  • tan, atan (tangent, arc tangent)
  • asin, acos (arc sine, arc cosine)
  • log (decimal logarithm)
  • ln (natural logarithm)
  • exp (exponent of e)
  • rtd (converts radians to decimal values)
  • dtr (converts decimal values to radians)
  • sqr (square)
  • sqrt (square root)

You must enclose arguments in brackets or parentheses. Trigonometric function arguments are entered in degrees.

Example of correct expression: 1 + 2*sin (30) + 2*(2^2+sqrt (9))

The result is 16.

Calculator - CAL, Shift + F9

Enter and solve mathematic expressions.



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