List of All VariCAD Functions

Drawing Lines and Curves

LINCtrl + LLine
2DFFN/A2D Objects, XY Coordinates from File
CPLN/ADraw Polyline
PLLN/AJoin Objects into Polyline
TANN/ATangent Line
MLLN/AMulti Line
BORN/ASheet Border

Drawing Circles and Arcs

CCRN/ACircle Center Radius
ACRN/AArc Center Radius
CCPN/ACircle Center Point
ACPN/AArc Center Point
CR2N/ACircle 2 Points
AR2N/AArc 2 Points
C3PN/ACircle 3 Points
A3PN/AArc 3 Points
APTN/AArc Point Tangent
AT2N/AArc Tangent to 2 Objects
CT2N/ACircle Tangent to 2 Objects
TG3N/ACircle Tangent to 3 Objects
HOL2N/AGroup of Holes

Creating 2D Text

NOTEN/ANote (Multiple Lines)
TEXN/ASingle Text Line
TXIN/AInsert Text File

Creating Points

POCN/APoints on Arc
PLNN/APoints on Line, Number
PLDN/APoints on Line, Distance


HATN/AHatch, Select Boundary
AHBN/AHatch, Detect Boundaries Automatically
CHHN/AChange Hatch Area or Style
CHHPN/AChange Hatch Style
CHPN/ACreate Pattern

Creating Axes

CAXN/ACircle or Arc Axis
AX2PN/AAxis by 2 Points
LAXN/AAxis of Rotation Surface
AXPCN/ACreate Pitch Circle


HDIN/AHorizontal Dimension
VDIN/AVertical Dimension
SDIN/ADiagonal Dimension
RDIN/ARadius Dimension
DDIN/ADiameter Dimension
ADIN/AAngular Dimension
HPDN/AHorizontal Baseline Dimensions
HSDN/AHorizontal Serial Dimensions
HDDN/AHorizontal Datum Dimensions
VPDN/AVertical Baseline Dimensions
VSDN/AVertical Serial Dimensions
VDDN/AVertical Datum Dimensions
SPDN/ADiagonal Baseline Dimensions
SSDN/ADiagonal Serial Dimensions
SDDN/ADiagonal Datum Dimensions
HDMN/AHorizontal Diameter Dimension
VDMN/AVertical Diameter Dimension
SDMN/ADiagonal Diameter Dimension
HTHN/AHorizontal Thread Dimension
VTHN/AVertical Thread Dimension
STHN/ADiagonal Thread Dimension
THRN/AThread Dimensions
STXAN/ASingle Text Arrow
MTXAN/AMultiple Text Arrow
CHLDRN/ACheck and Update Leaders
FSYN/AFinish Symbols
WSYN/AWelding Symbols
TSYN/ATolerance Symbols

2D Drawing Tools

DCCN/ADisplayed Cursor Coordinates
ORTAN/AOrtho Modes, Leading Lines
ORTF11Drawing in Ortho Mode
ORTCN/AOrtho, if Close to Vertical/Horizontal
ORTHN/AOrtho, Next Horizontal
ORTVN/AOrtho, Next Vertical
OMOCtrl + F11Turn off Ortho Mode
ORTSN/AOrtho, Set Close Angle
STPF9Drawing in Increment Mode
STON/AIncrement Mode Off
STSN/ASet Increments of Cursor Movement

Editing 2D Objects

DOBCtrl + DDelete 2D Objects
CPYCtrl + CCopy to Clipboard
PASCtrl + VPaste
CCUTCtrl + XDelete - Cut to Clipboard
ROLN/ARemove Previous View Export
BLACtrl + BBlank 2D Objects
UBLCtrl + UUnblank 2D Objects
ETXN/AEdit Text
MTLN/AMove Text Vertically
TWDN/AText Width
TACN/AChange Text Style
EDMN/AEdit Dimension
EDIN/AEdit Dimension Text
MDTN/AMove Dimension Text
EDSN/AChange Dimension Style
BLNN/ABreak Line
MLAN/AChange Layer
MPEN/AChange Color
MLTN/AChange Line Type
BPON/ADivide by Point
BBON/ADivide by Curve
CHLLN/AChange Line Length
CHARN/AChange Arc Radius
CECN/ACircle from Arc
RSGN/ARemove Segment
CHMCtrl + RChamfer 2D Corner
RNDCtrl + FFillet 2D Corner
JTXN/AAlign Text
ESPN/AEdit Spline
BTFN/AExplode Font

Transforming and Copying 2D Objects

MOVCtrl + TTranslate or Copy 2D Objects
DRGN/ADynamic Translation
ROTN/ARotate or Copy 2D objects
DRON/ADynamic Rotation
DSCN/ADynamic Scaling
DTRN/ATranslate and Rotate
STRVECTN/AStretch by Vector
CTAN/AArray Copy
DSTN/AStretch to Direction

Grid, Construction Lines

GRICtrl + GGrid
CCLN/ACreate Multiple Construction Lines
HCLN/AHorizontal C.L.
VCLN/AVertical C.L.
HVCON/AHorizontal/Vertical C.L. Offset
HVCPN/AHorizontal/Vertical C.L. from Point
HCTN/AHorizontal C.L. Tangent
VCTN/AVertical C.L. Tangent
1CLN/AAngle 1 C.L.
1CIN/AAngle 1 C.L. Offset
1CFN/AAngle 1 C.L. from Point
1CTN/AAngle 1 C.L. Tangent
1CSN/ADefine Angle 1
2CLN/AAngle 2 C.L.
2CIN/AAngle 2 C.L. Offset
2CFN/AAngle 2 C.L. from Point
2CTN/AAngle 2 C.L. Tangent
2CSN/ADefine Angle 2
DCLN/ADelete Selected Construction Line
DAHN/ADelete All Horizontal Construction Lines
DAVN/ADelete All Vertical Construction Lines
DA1N/ADelete All Angular Construction Lines
DACLN/ADelete All Construction Lines

2D Blocks

BLSN/ASave Block
BLICtrl + KInsert Block
BLCN/ACreate Block
BLEN/AEdit Block
BIEN/AChange Insertion Point
BAEN/AEdit Block Attributes



2D Check Functions

COON/A2D Coordinates
DISN/A2D Distance
ODTN/A2D Object Information
CHLN/AHighlight Layer
2DAN/ACalculate 2D Section Properties
2DPN/A2D Drawing Area Properties

2D Work Sets

ATWN/AAdd to Work Set
RFWN/ADelete from Work Set
CLWN/AClear Work Set
CHWN/AHighlight Work Set

2D Settings

TXAN/AText Style
DMAN/ADimension Style
ARAN/AArrow Style
SWSN/AWeld Symbol Settings
FMTN/AChange Drawing Format
SCHN/AChange Drawing Scale
UCON/AChange Center of Coordinates
SBDN/ASheet Borders Definition
LAYN/ACreate, Edit or Delete Layers

2D Views

ZPRN/AUndo View
ZRDN/ARedo View
SONN/AOld/New View Export, Updated 2D
ZWIF5Zoom Window
ZFON/AZoom Drawing Format

Files and Windows

DOPCtrl + NNew
DADCtrl + OOpen
RCFAN/AOpen Recent Files - History
CLOCtrl + F4Close
DSVCtrl + SSave
DPSN/ASave Selected
DPON/AInsert Objects from File
SVALLN/ASave All Changed
REOPENN/AReopen Unchanged Current File
TXVN/AList Text Files
WINCtrl + 3Windows
NDWN/ANew Document from Current Document
SWDCtrl + TABActivate Previous Window
FCON/ABatch File Conversion
DEFN/ACurrent File Attributes as Default
INFFN/AInformation about Current File Changes
RESETCtrl + Alt + DRestart of VariCAD

System Settings

CFGN/AComplete System Settings
TLBSN/AToolbar Settings
CBSN/ACreate Backup of All Settings
RBSN/ARestore Settings from Backup
CHUN/AChange Current Units – mm, inch


BMPN/ACreate Bitmap File from 3D
WPRCtrl + PPrint
WPSN/APrint to System Printer
BPRPN/ABatch Print, from Predefined List
BPRWN/ABatch Print, or Define List to Print


QDMN/ATips and Tricks
HFUF1Context Help
MANN/AReference Manual
DMANN/ADisplay View Functions Related Help
TIPSN/ATips and Tricks from Manual

Other Functions

2DAlt + 2Switch to 2D
3DAlt + 3Switch to 3D
DRPAlt + SSketching
REDCtrl + YRedo
UNDCtrl + ZUndo
INFOShift + F3List of VariCAD Directories
CALShift + F9Calculator
HWTESTN/AHardware Test

Saving and Restoring 2D or 3D Views

ZSVN/ASave View
ZREN/ARestore View
RS1N/ARestore View 1
RS2N/ARestore View 2
RS3N/ARestore View 3
RS4N/ARestore View 4
RS5N/ARestore View 5
RS6N/ARestore View 6
RS7N/ARestore View 7
RS8N/ARestore View 8
SV1N/ASave as View 1
SV2N/ASave as View 2
SV3N/ASave as View 3
SV4N/ASave as View 4
SV5N/ASave as View 5
SV6N/ASave as View 6
SV7N/ASave as View 7
SV8N/ASave as View 8


SXDPN/A2D Object as Solid X Sketching Plane
PXDPN/A2D Object as Patch X Sketching Plane
THLN/AThick/Thin 2D Outlines
ZALLPN/AZoom All in Drawing Plane
DPVN/ADrawing Perpendicular to View
ZWDN/AZoom Window in Sketching Plane
VCNI2N/ADefine View Rotation Center in Sketching Plane

3D Objects Shape Representation

OSHELLN/AConverts a Solid to Open Shell
PTCHSN/AConverts a Solid to Set of Patches
PTCHMN/AConverts a Solid to Object with Missing Patches
DOSN/ADisplays All Open Solids
DHOSN/ADisplays All Holes in Open Solids
DEHOSN/ADisplays Holes in Open Solids around Deleted Patch

Solving Problems in 3D

REGALLN/ARegenerate All 3D Objects
REGTRANN/ARegenerate Transformations
RECOVERYN/AFile Recovery
TOIMPN/AConverts to Imported Object, Destroys Creation History
INSIDEOUTN/AReverse All Normals of Solid
INSOUTSELN/AReverse Normals of Selected Patches

Creating Basic Solids

PELN/APipe Elbow
CPIN/ACone Pipe
ELWN/ASolid Elbow

Creating Solids from 2D Profiles

RSON/AFull Rotation
RSOPN/APartial Rotation
MPLN/ALofting, Multiple Profiles Lofting
MPLRN/ARotate and Loft between Two Planes
LB2PN/ALoft between Two Planes' Outlines

Editing Solids

STCN/ATranslate, Rotate, Copy Solids
CHAXN/APermanent Change of Imported Solid Axes
CSTN/AGeometric Constraints among Solid Elements
CSTSN/AGeometric Constraints among Entire Solids
RMSCtrl + DDelete Solids or Blending
CPYCtrl + CCopy to Clipboard
PASCtrl + VPaste
CCUTCtrl + XDelete - Cut to Clipboard
CS3N/AChange Color
BL3Ctrl + BBlank
UB3Ctrl + UUnblank
MSON/AEdit Solid or Blending
SHCN/AShade/Wireframe/Transparent Selected Solids
MIRR3N/AMirror Solid
RSSON/AScale Solid

3D Comprehensive Shapes

TXT3DN/ACreate 3D Text
OFPN/ACreate Offset Patches (Shells)
PIPESN/ACreate Pipes in Space
WIRESN/ACreate Wires in Space
SWPN/ASweep 2D Profile along 3D Path
THHN/AThreaded Hole
THSN/AThreaded Cylinder (Screw)
OTCN/AOuter Thread Cutting Tool

Boolean Operations

CUTN/ACut, Delete Cutting Solid
ADDCtrl + AAdd Solid
CUTSN/ACut, Keep Cutting Solid
TRXN/AExplode Boolean Tree
CUTPSN/ASelective Cut, Delete Cutting Solid
ADDPCN/ASelective Add
CPSSN/ASelective Cut, Keep Cutting Solid
SINN/ASolid Intersection
NADDN/AAdd Solid, Perform No Intersection
TREEN/ABoolean Tree Structure Editing

Common Boolean Operations, Blending

MILN/ACut by a Box (Mill)
MILXN/ACut by an Extruded Solid (Mill)
RN3Ctrl + F3D Fillet
CH3Ctrl + R3D Chamfer

Interferences among Solids

CRTN/AInterference between Two Groups
CRTRN/ARepeat Interference Check between Two Groups
CHRDN/ADisplay Interferences
ASCHN/AAll Interferences
ASCHNN/AInterference without Selected
ASCHSN/AInterference Selected vs. Rest
ASCHBN/AInterference within Selected

Assemblies and Identical Copies

EXVN/AExploded View of Assembly
ASTRN/AAssembly Tree Scheme
OATRN/AAssembly Tree Files
EDEN/AOpen Part File from Assembly
EDIAN/AEdit Part or Sub-Assembly in Assembly Environment
RAIN/ARegenerate Assembly
DIAN/ACreate Part, Save It into New Part File
DEEN/ADefine Part to be Inserted into Assembly
CDEN/ABreak Definition of Part to be Inserted into Assembly
ROIN/AChange Definition of Part to be Inserted into Assembly
SBAN/ACreate Sub-Assembly, Save It into New Sub-Assembly File
SBEN/ADefine or Change Sub-Assembly to be Inserted into Assembly
CSBN/ABreak Definition of Sub-Assembly to be Inserted into Assembly
ASIN/AAdd Solids to Identical Copies
RSIN/ABreak Identical Copy Link
RICN/ABreak Identical Copy Group
CSIN/ABreak Link from Part
CAIN/ABreak All Links from Parts

Creating 2D Views from 3D

32EN/A2D View from 3D
32ENN/AUpdate 2D after 3D Changes
32SETN/AUpdate 2D after 3D Changes Setting
SEMCtrl + F23D Section Management

Checking of Automatically Updated 2D after Changes in 3D

HODN/AHighlight Objects Related to 3D View Exports
OODN/AHighlight Objects Off
ZODN/AZoom in on Highlighted Dimensions
RODN/ARemove Objects Unable to be Updated by 3D View Export

3D Calculations and Check Functions

3DCON/A3D Coordinates
3DDN/A3D Distance
STATN/A3D Space Information
ODT3N/A3D Object Information
DPPN/ADistance Point Plane
DPCN/ADistance Point Cylinder
SCYN/ACylinder Dimensions
APLN/AAngle between Planes
SDEN/ASurface Development
VOLN/AVolume, Mass, Center of Gravity
SARN/ASurface Area
SELSARN/ASurface Area of Selected Patches
MINN/AMoment of Inertia
CPPN/ACheck Pipes
PATCHIN/A3D Patch Information
CURVIN/A3D Curve Information

3D Groups

3GRCtrl + F13D Groups Management

3D Views

SRDN/AEnhanced Rendering
ZPRN/AUndo View
ZRDN/ARedo View
VLEN/ALeft View
VRIN/ARight View
VFRN/AFront View
VBAN/ABack View
VTON/ATop View
VBON/ABottom View
ISO1N/AIsometric View 1
ISO2N/AIsometric View 2
PRVN/APredefined View
VCNN/AAuto View Rotation Center
VCNIN/ADefine View Rotation Center
X90N/ARotate View Around X 90 Degrees
X180N/ARotate View Around X 180 Degrees
X270N/ARotate View Around X 270 Degrees
Y90N/ARotate View Around Y 90 Degrees
Y180N/ARotate View Around Y 180 Degrees
Y270N/ARotate View Around Y 270 Degrees
Z90N/ARotate View Z 90 Degrees
Z180N/ARotate View Z 180 Degrees
Z270N/ARotate View Z 270 Degrees
ZRDN/ARedo View
SHWN/AShade/Wireframe Entire Display
RNPN/AView to Plane
3DMRN/A3D Mouse Rotation On/Off
3DMZN/A3D Mouse Pan/Zoom On/Off
3DMRONN/A3D Mouse Rotation On

Bill of Materials, Object Attributes, Title Blocks

BOMCtrl + ECreate BOM at Basic Level
DSS3N/ACreate BOM Containing Assembly
BOMGN/ACreate BOM from 3D Assembly Group
SPON/ASupplementary Objects
SATN/ASolid Attributes
MATN/ADefine Mass Density and Material
DMATN/ADefine or Edit Material Table
MTCN/AChange Identical Attributes
ATLN/AAttributes from List
ATCN/ACheck Attributes
AATN/AAssembly/Part Attributes, Fill Title Blocks
AAT2N/AFill Title Block, Define Attributes
ATMN/ABOM, Attributes and Title Blocks Settings

Mechanical Part Calculations

TSPN/ATension Spring Calculation
CSPN/ACompression Spring Calculation
SQKN/ASquare Key Calculation
SSCN/ASpline Shaft Calculation
RPCN/ARound Pin Calculation
BCCN/ABolt Connection Calculation
BENN/AShaft and Beam Calculation
FDCN/ASpur Gear Calculation
CDCN/AStraight Bevel Gear Calculation
VBEN/AV-Belt Calculation
RLCN/ARoller Chain Drive Calculation
SKFN/ASKF Bearings Calculation

VariCAD on the Web

INHN/AHome Page
YOUTUBEN/AYouTube VariCAD Channel
FACEBOOKN/AFacebook VariCAD Page
ELCDN/ALicense Code
PCHSN/AOnline Purchase
INSTN/AWeb Browser Settings
INNN/AWhat's New Page


Ctrl + AADDAdd Solid
Ctrl + CCPYSelect Objects to Clipboard
Ctrl + EBOMBill of Material
Ctrl + GGRIGrid
Ctrl + KBLIInsert Block
Ctrl + LLINLine
Ctrl + NDOPNew
Ctrl + ODADOpen
Ctrl + PWPRPrint
Ctrl + SDSVSave
Ctrl + TMOVTranslate or Copy 2D Objects
Ctrl + VPASObjects from Clipboard
Ctrl + WCUTCut Solid
Ctrl + XCCUTDelete Objects, Put to Clipboard
Ctrl + YREDRedo
Ctrl + ZUNDUndo
F1HFUContext-Sensitive Help
F9STPDrawing in Increment Mode
F11ORTDrawing in Ortho Mode
Shift + F3INFOInformation
Shift + F9CALCalculator
Shift + F11OMOTurn off Ortho Mode
Ctrl + F13GR3D Groups Management
Ctrl + F2SEC3D Sections Management
Ctrl + F4CLOClose
Ctrl + 3WINWindows
Ctrl + TABSWDActivate Previous Window
Alt + 22DSwitch to 2D
Alt + 33DSwitch to 3D
Alt + SDRPSketching

Hot Keys Common for both 3D and 2D Edit Functions

Ctrl + BBLANKBlank Objects
Ctrl + DDELETEDelete Objects
Ctrl + CCPYCopy
Ctrl + VPASPaste
Ctrl + XCCUTDelete Objects, Put to Clipboard
Ctrl + FFILLETFillet Edge/Corner
Ctrl + RCHAMFERChamfer Edge/Corner
Ctrl + UUNBLANKUnblank Objects

Embedded Functions

RS1Restore View 1
RS2Restore View 2
RS3Restore View 3
RS4Restore View 4
RS5Restore View 5
RS6Restore View 6
RS7Restore View 7
RS8Restore View 8
ZSVSave View
ZALLZoom All
ZWIZoom Window
ZFOZoom Drawing Format
ZPRUndo View
ZRDRedo View
VLELeft View
VRIRight View
VFRFront View
VBABack View
VTOTop View
VBOBottom View
ISO1Isometric View 1
ISO2Isometric View 2
X90Rotate View X 90 Degrees
X180Rotate View X 180 Degrees
X270Rotate View X 270 Degrees
Y90Rotate View Y 90 Degrees
Y180Rotate View Y 180 Degrees
Y270Rotate View Y 270 Degrees
Z90Rotate View Z 90 Degrees
Z180Rotate View Z 180 Degrees
Z270Rotate View Z 270 Degrees
RNPView Perpendicular to Plane
PRVPredefined View
VCNAuto View Rotation Center
VCNIDefine View Rotation Center
SHWShade/Wireframe Entire Display
ODT33D Object Information
SONOld/New View Export, Updated 2D
STP2D Drawing in Increment Mode
ORT2D Drawing in Ortho Mode
ORTHOrtho Alternating Horizontal/Vertical
ORTVOrtho Alternating Vertical/Horizontal
OMOTurn off Ortho Mode
GRI2D Grid
UCO2D User Origin
STAT3D Space Information
3DD3D Distance
3DCO3D Coordinates
DPPDistance Point Plane
DPCDistance Point Cylinder
APLAngle between Planes
SCYCylinder Dimensions
HFUContext-Sensitive Help



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